Sell Feed flavor series(Jiamei 9305 fish meal type aromatizer)

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Realistic aroma of fish meal: enduing feed with aroma of unpper-grade fish meal and, increasing the use of other protein feed stuff to substitute expensive fish meal and as a result decreasing the cost of feed products. Strong and Lasting aroma: keeping the aroma of fish meal for long time in the period of feed process, marketing and use. High temperature resistant:lower loss rate of the aroma in the process of pelleting than other similar products. Good adsorption and dispersion: making feed pellet to completely and uniformly adsorb.
Mail ingredients: butanoic acid, maillard reaction product, sleeve-fish abstract, etc. Usage and adding amount: adding into feed and mixing uniformly. The aroma intensity of 1 kg product equals to that of 40-50kg fish meal. Feed producer is supposed to decide adding amount according to the requirement of local market. Package specifications: 1kg/bag, 20bags/boxesPeriod of quality guaranteed: within 12 months after manufacture dateStorage conditions: dry, cool, dark and odorless place
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