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Feedstuff additive garlic oil

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Feed or Food Grade

Allicin oil is light yellow liquid, with strong garlic odor, insoluble in water, soluble in ethanol partly. Although the main component in garlic oil belongs to thio ether compound, the chemical property is stable. Under non-strong acid environment, it is not easy to decompose in 120C. However, if it is exposed to ultraviolet radiation for long time, it may induce decomposition.
Main component and content: allicin oil is composed of diallyl disulfide and diallyl trisulfide.
Garlicin Assay:5%,10%,15% ,25% ,98%

Function and usage
1. Wide spectrum antibacterial, strong bacteriostasis property.
2. Used as flavoring agent and phagostimulant to improve feedstuff quality. The garlic is of thick and natural aroma and can replace other flavoring agent in feedstuff. Adding 50-150ppm allicin in the feedstuff can improve peculiar smell of feedstuff and stimulate fish, livestock and poultry to produce strong food calling effect and increase appetite.
3. Increase immunity and promote growth. Allicin has best health care function. Adding allicin in the feedstuff can make the animal with bright fur and strong body, increase disease resistance, reduce feed consumption, improve egg production (for hen) , promote growth and livability of fish, livestock and poultry.
(1) Adding 100-150ppm allicin in layer feedstuff may improve egg production and feedstuff utilization rate both over 9%.
(2) Adding 150ppm allicin in chicken feed can increases weight over 9% and reduces meat feed ratio over 5%. In 1996, He Guorui added 150ppm allicin in the feed, and the weight increased 9.7% per day, meat feed ratio reduced 4.1%, and livability was up to 100%. In 1997, Zheng Cheng added 250ppm allicin in broiler chicken feed, the weight increased by 8.7% averagely, feed consumption reduced by 5%, and livability up to 100%, without adding any antibiotics or white diarrhea happening.
(3) After adding 200ppm allicin in grass carp feed, weight increases by 11.8%, feed transformation rate improves by 12.4%, and livability increases by 17%.
(4) Adding 200ppm allicin in pig feed results in no diarrhea or enteritis, appetite improving, bright fur, strong body, increase weight over 6.2%, feed utilization rate over 11.8%, and preventing and curing ascariasis and ancylostomiasis.
4. Improve quality of animal.
6. Innocuity, no side effect, insecticide residue, or insecticide tolerance. Allicin contains natural sterilization components, which metabolize in original shape in animal body. It has unique effects different from other bacteriophage: innocuity, no side effect, insecticide residue, or insecticide tolerance; antivirus; can be used continuously; improve fertility rate of hatching egg.
7. Anti-coccidiosis function. Allicin has favorable control efficiency to coccidiosis, and can replace anti-coccidiosis drug in non-coccidiosis infected area. Poultry chicken
Storage: Sealed in cool and dry place, keep away from sunshine to avoid volatilization.
Packaging : Garlic oil: 25kg/barrel, 230kg/barrel
Shelf life: One year
Do not place it together with alkali materials.
Not recommended for fish without squama.

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