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Female bone-invigorating capsule specially designs for the middle and old aged female, simultaneously supplemented the plant estrogen soybean isoflavone and calcium carbonate, fundamentally reduce the bone to drain, to increase the bone density, prevention and improvement osteoporosis, simultaneously can alleviate the menopause symptom.

[effect ingredient and content] Soybean isoflavone 2.42%, calcium 29.8%
[health care function] Increases bone density
[suitable crowd] Middle and old aged feminine
[edible method and quantity] Daily 2 times, each time 3 grain
[specification] 0.45 grams/grain, 30 grain /bottles, 180 grain /bottle

The primary role of soy isoflavones:
Soybean Isoflavone is a plant estrogen, the weak performance of the estrogen-like effect to low levels, and the prevention of some hormone levels decline related diseases; for high estrogen level, the performance of anti-estrogen activity, a two-way adjustment of balance function. By the legumes, such as soybeans and black bean plant extract out very useful on human health, especially with the health of female life more closely related.

1. Improve the quality of skin, nourish the skin, the skin is smooth and elastic, and provides nutrition shiny hair;
2. Delayed the arrival of menopause and improve menstrual discomfort, and irregular cycles;
3. In the prevention of osteoporosis to menopausal women;
4. Reduce vertigo, tinnitus, insomnia, anxiety, depression, anxiety, nervous, easily excited, menstrual disorders, decreased sexual desire, lightheadedness, heart palpitations, sweating, and other menopause symptoms;
5. Weight loss, breast than before a full, flexible, areola and nipple color shallow;
6. Reduce the autonomic disorder after giving birth.

Absorbs calcium by the effective method, helps the female to preserve forever the tall and straight healthy youth carriage and charm!

Osteoporosis is a common multiple chronic diseases, the elderly incidence rate of about 60%. Osteoporosis in the medical profession is also known as the silence disease, often when fracture happened, bone loss has been more than 30%. Usually fractures, scoliosis, joint deformation and to medical treatment, have been found suffering from severe osteoporosis. Osteoporosis in the crowd each year, 15% - 20% of patients because of fractures and complications (vein thrombosis, infection) , leading to death, osteoporosis prevention should be carried out as early as possible. Estrogen can stimulate bone formation and inhibit bone decomposition, and the growth with age, menopause, ovariectomy and other factors, estrogen secretion reduce or stop will be accelerated osteoporosis, mainly for the lumbar and dorsal acid pain, bent over hump-back, easy cramps, unmobility, physique is stiff, pain and other symptoms of movement. Female bone-invigorating capsule at the same time added calcium and phytoestrogens - soy isoflavones, its unique " supplement + convalesces " two-tier roles, a life-long care for women: 30-year-old Loses weight and Healthy, 40-year-old anti-calcareous loss, 50-year-old anti-osteoporosis, 60-year-old fracture prevention, 70-year-old bending waist and hunchback prevention.

Botanitown. company has soy isoflavones as a new drugs for systematic research and development, to be used in postmenopausal women osteoporosis prevention and treatment, now apply for new drugs by State Food and Drug Administration approval.

Six characteristics of the Product
1. Scientific formula
Rich in soy isoflavones extracted from the natural planting soybean(non-genetically modified soybeans) and calcium carbonate which is the most absorption to the human body, by promoting bone formation and intestinal calcium absorption, reduce the role of bone destruction and other mechanisms to guarantee after not loss of calcium in the body, by an efficient and effective absorption and use.
2. Unique process
Soy isoflavones is the formation of a class of secondary metabolites in soybean growth, the main type of free aglycone and the combination of glucoside (Glucoside) two types of more than 10 kinds of substances, and aglycones in small amounts in soybeans, mainly glycosides to being. Female bone-invigorating capsule through a unique country patented technology, application number: 2006100993537 (avoid the inefficient and heavy metals such as secondary pollution from the traditional way. ) . Production technology through the unique products of soybean isoflavones into a more effective component genistin and daidzin, guarantee excellence quality.
3. High quality standards
Female bone-invigorating capsule does not contain any chemical composition and genetically modified material (natural soy isoflavones and more goods in the form of a glycoside, and synthetics while aglycone form) , by HPLC to conduct a comprehensive quality control, accurate control components in addition to synthetic ingredients unable situation. Commercial use of the current product quality UV detection method can not distinguish between natural products or not.
4. Clear mechanism
5. The exact effect
According to the "evaluation procedures of health food functional and test methods" to increase bone density in the role of anti-osteoporosis (animal testing) with the evaluation criteria, the China Disease Prevention and Control Center nutrition and food security on the Female bone-invigorating capsule for health function evaluation are as follows :
Experimental results show that, compared with basic feed in the feed Add 0.45,1.35 g / kgBW dose- Female bone-invigorating capsule will inadequate calcium intake in rats femur length, weight and femur bone density increased, and there was the differences (P <0.05) , 1.35g/kgBW femoral metaphysis dose density of rats was significantly higher than that of calcium carbonate control group, there were significant differences (P <0.05) .
6. Taking safety
Soy isoflavones structure similar to estrogen, in the organization with estrogen receptor binding, effect like a weak estrogen, but no side effects of estrogen, is considered the natural replacement of estrogen.
* Soybean as a functional food in China has thousands of years of history. BC 2838, "Shen Nong's Materia Medica" the first documented soybean has medicinal value, as a "goods in. " History of several thousand years of consumption and in recent years of Pharmacological studies have proved that soy isoflavones as a plant estrogen hormone and synthetic material is completely different, long-term use is safe.
* Soy isoflavones passed FDA certification by the United States, approved for use in health food products, means its safety through the most authoritative certification.
* Human estrogen receptor can be divided into (Alpha) and (Beta) that two types, animal hormones (synthetic hormones) and (Alpha) and (Beta) can be two different receptors are closely integrated, and vegetative estrogen regarding strong function to combination with bone estrogen receptor ((Beta)-receptor) , but breast and uterine estrogen receptor ((Alpha)-receptor) binding is weak, So there will be no side effects to breast and uterus, no increase risk in breast cancer and endometrial cancer.

Capital University of Medical Sciences in accordance with the "food safety toxicology evaluation procedures and methods" (GB15193-1994) Female bone-invigorating capsule a toxicology test results are as follows:
(1) acute toxicity test: the oral gavage administration, Wistar rats and Kunming mice largest administration both greater than 10 g / kgBW, animal activity normal and have not found any symptoms, an actual non-toxic substances.

(2) 3 mutants test: Ames test, mouse bone marrow PCE micronucleus test and mice sperm distortion tests were negative.
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