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Femalestim is formulated using natural herbal ingredients, extracted using advanced nanotechnology extraction methods. Nanotechnology Extraction results in micro fine particle size, resulting in quicker absorption and greater effect, compared to conventional herbal extraction methods. Femalestim contains herbs known for their effectiveness and performance and selected for their purity and potency.
Cornu Cervi Pantotrichum 100mg
Nardostachys Chinensis Batal 80mg
Pericarpium Citri Reticulatae Viride 80mg
Chinese Magnolcavine Fruit 80mg
Common Cnidium Fruit 80mg
Root of Fineleaf Schizonepeta 50mg
Vitamin B1 3.00mg
Vitamin B2 2.00mg
Vitamin B6 0.50mg
Vitamin B12 1.00ug
Nicotinamide 7.5mg
Vitamin C 25mg
The fast onset time is 30 minutes and the duration time is up to 4-6 hours per single dose. Femalestim can be dissolved in wine and drinks.
Femalestim is firmly apart from the rest.
Femalestim is a well tolerated product and offers comfortable usage for most users.
Femalestim works faster and last longer!
Female Libido sufferers now can have fast results when needed with Femalestim.
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