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New Model Safetyguard Post JOY 47-70
The wall thickness of post is 1.0mm, the plank is molded through cold bending and rolling. The post with simple structure, the section of regular shape of semi-ellipse, can be installeed conveniently. The pot hook on the post is devided into several by the opening and lengthways evently at certain distributer along the post body, and spaced evently. The pot hook board is bent inside along the camber line, and matchen with the straightedge of the ellipsoldal post body, whice effectively prevents prizing of the tools and ensures the safety of the fence.
The treatments of the post fall into two kinds: Galvanized and PVC-sprinkled, whice can prolong the lift-span of the post in the open air
The mesh suitable:
Mesh opening:100*100mm
Wire diameter:under 5mm
The surface treatments of the mesh panel can be divided into PVC-sprinkling and PVC-dippe-d. Also can accept customers requirements.