Sell Fennel Seed P. E.

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Product Name: Japanese Thistle Herb
Latin Name: Radix Knoxiae
Appearance: Black Brown powder
Specification: 5:1
Action: Clearing heat from blood to stop bleeding, and toxins to eliminate swelling.
To treat epistaxis, haematemesis, hematuria, metrorrhagia and metrostaxis, and many other kinds of bleeding due to blood-heat,
To arrest bleeding by reducing heat in the blood, to remove blood stasis, and to promote the subsidence of swelling.
Package: 25kg/Barrel
Product name:
Burdock Root P. E.
Latin name:
Aretium Lappa
Dust color powder
Burdock Root is used to treat skin diseases, boils, fevers, inflammations, hepatitis, swollen glands, some cancers, and fluid retention. It is an excellent blood purifier.