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Fenoxycarb is a broad spectrum insect growth regulator. It is useful for control of fire ants, fleas, mosquitos, cockroaches, moths, scale insects, and insects attacking vines, olives, cotton and fruit. It mimics the action of the juvenile hormones(JH) on a number of physiological processes, such as molting and reproduction. Because of its ability to imitate the physiological effects of juvenile hormones, it is often called a juvenile hormone analog (JHA) , It exhibits ovicidal and ovolarvicidal activity against numerous insect species and affects its target species by exposing newly deposited eggs or very early instars to high levels of simulated JH. FENOXYCARB binds to juvenile hormone receptor, but is not broken down by juvenile hormone esterases in insect larvae. Since the insect is not usually exposed to high levels of JH until about halfway through embryonic development, its development is halted and the eggs will not hatch. High levels of JHAs such as fenoxycarb, when applied to later instars, cause the final adult insect to maintain larval characteristics and these insects generally can not reproduces.
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