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Product name: Fenthion
Chemical name: O, O-Dimethyl-O-(44-methylthio -3-cresyl) -phosphorothioate
Molecular formula: C10H15O3PS2
Molecular weight: 278.3
CAS No. : 55-38-9
Property: White or ivory-white oily liquid with sour and foul odor, B. P. 87C/0.01 mercury column, vapor pressure (20C) 3x10-5 mercury column, R. D. (d420)1.250, R. R. nD20 1.5698. Industrial grade is brown oily matter, assay 98-98%, slightly garlic odor, Stability In warm water :54-56mg/l. easy soluble in the most of organic solvents and glycerin; stable in light, heat and alkali.
Uses: Touch-kill and stomach poison, high osmosis, it can be oxidated to sulfone and sulfoxide in plant; Suitable for rice snout moths larva , rice leafhopper, fly louse, European comborer, broomcorn strip snout moth's larva, cotton pink boll worm, cotton aphid, cotton red spider, soybean budworm , peach budworm, cotton leafworm, redwax scale , cottony cushion scale etc.
Fenthion 90%, 93%, 95% Tech;
Fenthion 50% EC.
Package: As per customer's instruction.