Sell Ferro-Tic (TiC based metal matrix composite)

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'Ferro-TiC' is TiC based metal matrix composite. The rounded titanium carbide (TiC) particles are uniformly exposed on the surface of materials and it provide a combination of low coefficient of friction and a hardness higher than tungsten carbide (WC) .

 This unique combination makes the alloy bonded TiC materials especially suited for wear resistant applications.

 Although TiC is harder, even than tungsten-carbide, Ferro-TiC could be machined by a lathe, milling & grinding machine etc. in the HIP and annealed state and then hardened by heat treatment to hardness 68-72 Rc.


1. Excellent Wear Resistance and Lubrication

High wear resistance is probably Fe - TiC's best known characteristic. Exposing titanium carbide micrograins after lapping and polishing at the working surface leaves pick-up and galling problems in relief and minimizes metal-to -metal contact. Their smooth, rounded structure offers an extremely slippery and non-abrasive surface for contact.

2. Fe-TiC is the only machinable carbide composite

In annealed state, HRC43-45 hardness of Fe-TiC could be machined by a conventional equipment. After quenching, it becomes one of HRC68-70 hardness carbide composites which is stable in dimensional transformation within +/-0.00025mm/mm

3. Low density

Low density is 50% lighter than tungsten-carbide and also 15% lighter than steel.