Sell Ferrous Fumarate

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Ferrous Fumarate (Food Grade) : it is orange or brown powder, which can be lightly dissolved in water and ethanol. Its molecular formular is C4H2FeO4 and molecular weight is 169.89. Ferrous Fumarate application: it is widely applied in food and beverage industry, and the adding amount should be in accordance with the requirements of GB14880-94 and GB2760.
Ferrous Fumarate by our company follows the requirements of FCC IV and USP24.
Storage: 25kg/bag, stored in cool and dry place, the package should be kept perfectly.
Ferrous Fumarate specification as follows:
Content % 97.0~101.0
Losing on drying % <=1.5
Sulphate % <=0.2
Ferrous (as Fe3+) % <=2.0
Pb (as Pb) % <= 0.0002
Mercury (as Hg) % <=0.0003