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Ferrous Methionine

Ferrous Methionine is a kind of light yellow crystalline powder. I t can be used in line of pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic, fodder.
[Molecular Formula]: C5H11FeNO6S2
[Product Code]: SFE05

[Molecular Weight]: 301.15
[Physical Properties]: Yellowish crystalline powder, easily soluble in water
Appearance light yellow crystalline powder
Loss on drying <=5.0%
Fe >=15.4%
Methionine >= 41.0%
Arsenic(As) <=0.0005
Heavy metals(Pb) <=0.002

[Packing]: 25 Kg/ drum
[Storage]: Preserved in dry and cool place at room temperature
[Usage]: Pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic and fodder