Sell Fertilizer(magnesium&Sulphate) , agrochemicals

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Mg&S are increasingly playing the important role in agriculture due to the soil deficiency in them, especially in your country where the soil is deeply weathering tropical soil, ultisol and oxisol. For the plants in the country, such as cocoa, tobacco, coffee, rubber and other crops, require large amount of Mg&s. Based on this purpose, our company utilize the advanced technology and study to produce various specifications and forms of magnesium sulfate fertilizers. In addition to be utilized as fertilizer, it also can be widely used in area of pharmacy, the chemical materials for baby products, such as baby shampoo, and Feed additive. It can also be used in the field of food industry, such as lactic acid and monosodium glutamate, etc. Dealing with industry sewage, it can be used to coagulate and sediment the deposed sewage for achieving the environment standard. Surly, the products usage are not confined in Above-mentioned, which just the approximately profile. For distance, in the field of pharmacy, it can be used to make various kinds of medicine, such as bitter aloes and so on, it also aim at abortion, we also have business in other agrochemical, such as insecticide, Fungicide, Herbicide and so on. We already have a larger market share in other countries