Sell Fertilizer Tank for Drip Irrigation

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Fertilizer tank is widely used in drip irrigation plants and farms. Fertilizer tank is a very simple and efficient system for distributing fertilisers for application to sprinkler or drop irrigation plants and micro irrigation plants. The fertilizer mixing tank allows using water soluble and liquid fertilisers. It works at minimum pressure difference (0.5 bar) and up to a maximum pressure of 8 bar. Fertilizer tanks are made of hot galvanized ( or epoxy paint ) steel and complete with the accessories for a proper and efficient operation.
We offer this high quality product at variety of sizes and capacities and according to the customer required specifications at very reasonable prices.
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Technical Data :

Diameter: 380 mm to 600 mm,
Hieght : 530 mm to 708 mm,
Inlet / Outlet : > inches,
Max Pressure : 8 bar.

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