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Features Specifications:
 Simple and lightweight, easy to operate
1MHZ high-sensitivity probe
Dual-probe detection of twins, heart rate
Ergonomic design of the fetus event recorder
Fetal heart rate, fetal movement, uterine contraction pressure, other events records, automatic alarm anomalies, fetal wake-up function, waveform automatic printing
Up to 16 beds could be linked into a central monitoring system
Fetal Movement twin fetal movement

Contraction pressure:
Frequency response: DC-0.5HZ
Ventral pre-uterine pressure value 0
Measuring range :0-99
Thermal formation automatic document feeder
Print speed: 1, 2, 3cm/min
High-brightness LED display sound-level adjustable fetal
3-channel (FHR I, FHR II, UC) *
Doppler audio message alert tone sound
Alarm on / lower limit of the time & date
Print speed Print Contrast
Event annotation features twin function of heart rate offset
Waveform zoom feature automatically printing capabilities
Input: AC 100-240V (50/60HZ)
Output: DC16V, 2.8A Power: 80VA
Dimensions 191mm (high) X187mm (W) X201mm (L)
Communication Interface RS-232C