Sell Fiber Glass PPS Resin (PPS-hc)

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Our PPS is linear structure, not cross linked.
It is crystalline power.
Its color is light white before thermal processing, and coffee color after thermal processing.

PPS-hc is one of Polyphenylene Sulfide resin that our company produces. It has excellent properties including chemical resistance, high temperature resistance, critical environment resistance, flame resistance, good electrical insulation, radiation resistance and good mechanical property. So, it is also called special functional fiber and its looked as high-tech and high performance fiber.
Currently, PPS-hc is mainly used for special functional filter material, such as filter bag cloth for coal-fired boiler, cloth for papermaking machine, electrical insulation parts, electrolysis membranes, filter material for liquid and gas, high properties components of mat loop and packing material, fog resistance material and radiation resistance material.
Brand Name
Available Colors
light white or coffee