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Working principles and introduction:
Fiber laser Marking machine is a integral structures without optical pollution, power coupling loss and air cooling. especially, the laser have many unique properties, such as high efficiency, low maintenance cost and long service life.
Fiber laser has many unique advantages in the marking application. It has a high-power multimode laser diode pump and uses a long ytterbium-doped double-clad fiber as a medium and, what is differet from the traditional solid lasers using crystal rods as media.

1, Excellent beam quality:
Compared to the traditional solid laser Marking machine, the beam quality of TQL-FM Fiber laser Marking machine series are much better. It is a (TEMOO) output model, the focus spot diameter is less than 20um and the divergence angle is one quarter of pumped semiconductor laser. Especially suitable for high elaborate and accurate product marking2, 2, low use cost:
Considering an energy saving factor, the highest value of electro-optical conversion efficiency is 30%, the power consumption is less than 500W ( only 1/10 of a lamp-pumped solid laser marker) .
3, Operation without maintenance:
laser and lens need no maintenance, adjusting or cleaning
4, long service life:
TQL-FM Fiber laser Marking machine series use a diode-pumped laser as source, the average working hours reach up to 100,000 hours.
5, Compact bulk, suitable for using in extreme environment
Fiber laser use fiber to transmit laser in long distance, it has a compact design, the well heat dissipation and an air-cooled systems (no need for large water-cooling systems) . The machine can work normally under extreme environment like impacting, vibration, high temperature or dust environment, etc.
6, Fast processing speed:
The processing speed of TQL-FM machine series is 2-3 times high
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