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working principle:
For TQL - FPM Fiber laser welding machine, the object beam which comes from the laser is transmitted by fiber, then it passes through the collimating mirror (changed to parallel light) and focusing mirror (focusing) in order and finally form welding laser

Non-contact distance welding are suitable for welding inaccessible area. In order to meet the process requirement and improve work efficiency, laser beams can be separated to multi-beam by time and energy mode, which is applied to multi-beam welding or multiple sites welding at the same time. Fiber laser welding machine have many advantages such as good quality laser, small spot, flexible installation, arbitrary waveform setting (100 group data storage) , closed loop control current, one (standard) / four (option ) fiber output number, option CCD monitor system, and exterior cool-water machine. etc.

Application in IT, medical, electronics, batteries, metal, precision components, automotive industries.

technical parameters:
Model TQL-FPM200
Laser power: 200W
Laser wavelength: 1064nm
Fiber output number: ne (standard) / four (option )
Control System: microcontroller
Single pulse energy: 60J
Pulse width: 0.1ms-20ms
Fiber core diameter: 0.4-0.6mm
Welding depth: 0.05mm-2mm
Pulse frequency: 1-100HZ
Consumed power: 12kw
Aiming and positioning: red light indication (optional CCD)
Main unit: 950(LW650(M) W1100(H)
Cooling System: standard 3P cool-water machine
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