Sell Fiber Loss Tester POL-580

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Fiber Loss Tester POL-580--The Perfect Handhold Tester Series

POL-580 fiber loss tester series is the newest handheld optical tester. It can offer the best performance for the daily maintenance for fiber network, and CWDM system, DWDM system and FTTX network. At the same time, the perfect test functions and test esurience are ideal for indoor or field-testing.

Auto Wavelength Recognition
Auto wavelength recognition is a new technology in communications tester. It sents the special wavelength information and the coding frequency to the acceptor (such as power meter) by the transmitter (such as sources) , so the power meter can automatically recognize source's wavelength and other information. It provides convenience during the test. And there is no need for communication between the sources and power meter, which can help users save test cost and time as well as decrease the potential error

The most perfect testing function:
1. Combine POS-530 Laser Source and POP-560 Power Meter's testing function and visual fault locator to be a real Multi-tester.
2. Three kinds of modulated signal generated: 270Hz, 1KHz, 2KHz, perfect for fiber recognition and marker in field.
3. AutoWavelength-recognition. Power Meter can auto recognize the sources' optical wavelength, and switch automatically. No need for communication between launcher and acceptor. Saving test time and decreasing the potential error
4. 21 calibrated wavelengths offered to meet the customers' testing requirement. Such as FTTX 1490nm or DWDM 1625nm.
5. movable adapters available, FC, SC and ST provided.
6. Superior testing range: -70dBm~+10dBm or -50dBm~+26dBm, fully meet customers' testing requirements.
7. Visual fault locator (650 nm) (optional) , best supplement for OTDR's Dead Zone testing and fusion splicer's testing.
The most perfect power supplies and power management:
1. Internal rechargeable Li battery, AA battery and AC adapter.
2. Auto power-off.
3. More than 200hr battery life.
The most perfect testing ensurence:
1. Superior source stability to ensure the testing performance and repeatability.
2. Wide LCD display that provides the most completes testing information: wavelength, modulated signal, all kinds of conditions.
3. High quality and rugged design, ideal for field-testing.