Sell Fiber Optic Modem:FME

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Fiber Optic Modem:FME


Features & Benefits

>> FME is high-speed fiber optic modem with remote terminal collocated designed with ASIC lines technology.
>> Optional data transmitting speeds are from N*64K(N=1-31) to 2048Kbps.
>> Fiber interface: SC single module Transmitting distance: 0-60km.
>> The product is fully according with Part 15 of FCC regulation.
>> FME has the function of remote terminal collocated. The FME speed of consumer terminal follows the FME collocation of master terminal automatically without doing any setup.
>> There are many director LEDs on the front panel to display work state and lines status of the equipment.
>> Data interface of FME can be V.35 or G.703.
>> Speed of G.703/E1 supports frame and non-frame.
>> FME line interface: impedance 120OHM(RJ45) /75OHM(BNC) optional
>> Two type of machines: platform model and frame model power supply: 220 V AC and -48V DC optional


FME is high-speed fiber optic modem with remote configuration based on ASIC circuitry technology. It supports user-selectable rates between N*64kbps (N=1--31) and 2048 kbps. The fiber interface is SC single module. Transmission distance is up to 60km. The product fully conforms to Part 15 of FCC regulation.

FME has the function of remote configuration. The FME rate of user terminal follows the configuration of the FME of master terminal automatically without requiring any setup.

Data interface of FME can be V.35 or G.703. E1 Rate supports framed mode and unframed mode, which are known as N*64 Kbps (N=1--31) and transparent 2048 Kbps. External clock, internal clock, and slave clock are supported.
FME has the function of integrated diagnosis. It can perform tests of local analog loop back and remote digital loop back to carry out port-to-port integrity test.


Fiber optic modes:
8.3/1255m 8.7/1255m 9/1255m 10/1255m single module

Transmission distance 0-60Km

Fiber optic interface:

Length of working wave:
Options: 1310nm 1550nm

Transmitting electrical level:

Receiving sensitivity:

1310nm window0.4dB/km, 1550nm window 0.25dB/km

Data interface:
V.35 mode: FMVE, G.703 mode: FMGE

Data rate:
N*64Kbps(N=1--31) ; 2048Kbps

Transmission mode:

Line interface

Transmission Features:
conforms to G.703

line clock, external clock, internal clock

Test methods:
local analog loop back, remote digital loop back

DCE interface
V.35 or V.24/RS232C

Power supply:
220VAC+-10%,50Hz; 48VDC(optional)

Power consumption:

225mm*145mm*40mm, 9"L*5.8"W*1.6"H

0 o C ~40 o C


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