Sell Fiber laser marking machine

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Product Description:
The Fiber laser marking machine adopt the top laser technology in the world wide. The fiber laser outputs the laser and scanner system finishes the scanning process. The fiber laser is air cooled, and it has the advantage of high electric-optic efficiency, small in size, good beam quality and high reliability. It can mark on all kinds of metal surfaces and some of the non-metal surfaces. Suitable for processing the need engraving, smoothness and accuracy, such as barcode, two-dimension code, graph and character marking.


1) . Excellent laser beam quality: Compared with traditional solid laser marking machine, fiber laser marking machine use base module (TEMOO) output, diameter of focal spot is less than 20um. Divergence angle is only 1/4 of semi-conductor pumping Laser. It is special suitable for precision marking.
2) . Maintenance-free, long service life: Small wastage, high stability, not be affected by the outside dirt, steam and mechanism loosed, can be normal used under the abominable environment, such as high concussion, high temperature and dust, etc. using laser diode as the pumping source, totally enclosed type light path design. mean-time to double failure is over 100 thousand hours.
3) . Fast processing speed: Its processing speed is 2-3 times of traditional laser marking machine.
4) . Low processing cost: Optical-electric transferring efficiency is 30%, power consumption is less than 200 W, which is only 1/20 of light-pumped solid-state laser marking machine, greatly saving energy expenditure for long term usage.
5) . Maintenance Free: No need maintenance of laser medium. Do not need adjust or clean the lens.

*Widely used in industries of plastic key-press, Silicon Rubber key-press, communication, electronics, vehicle parts, IT, IC, precise accessories or metal products, electric appliance, glasses, watch and clocks, apparatus, or art craft, etc.
Technical parameters:
Model No. LD-MK4010 Fiber Marking Machine
Laser Power 10W
Wavelength 1064nm
Beam quality M2 <1.5
Adjusting Q frequency 20100KHz
Marking range (mm) 100W100(can be enlarged at 160W160area)
Marking depth <=0.3mm
Linear speed <=7000mm/s
Min line width 0.008mm
Min character 0.3mm
Repeat accuracy 10.001mm
Power supply 220V122V / 50Hz / 7A
Overall power consumption 200W
Main machine dimension 1135 mm X635 mm X1310 mm
Control system dimension Integration