Sell Fiber optic multiplexer pdh E1 V.35 ethernet LAN (DHODT-E)

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Fiber optic multiplexer pdh E1 V.35 ethernet LAN (DHODT-E)
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DHODT-E is born with a capacity of transmission interfaces of 16E1 that can be expand to 32E1+40M. The equipment also provide various interface modules, such as E1 interface cards (4 G.703 ports, 75ohm\120ohm optional) , V.35 interface cards (2 V.35 ports or 4 V.35 ports) , FXO/FXS voice channel interface cards (4-8 loop interfaces) , E/M interface cards (4-8 2/4-wire audio interfaces) , data interface cards (4-8 RS232 or RS485 data channels. They are used to transmit asynchronous data. Self-adaptation of speed can be up to 115.2K) , etc. DHODT-E is a suitable choice to provide voice, data and video services for cities and industrial districts. Its optional interfaces support overall business transmission of large customers and customer groups such as medium-and-small-scale enterprises, governmental organizations, schools and intellectualized villages. Open standard interfaces are employed to guarantee prompt interlinking of various equipments.

Technical Specification
Interface code rate 2.048Mbit/s150ppm
Maximum transmission rate 100Mbit/s
Choose different interface types to accord with corresponding standards

Code rate 100 Mbit/s
Line code 4B5B
Optical Source LD
Output power >=-9dBm
Receiver Type PINFET
Receiving sensitivity <=-38dBm (BER<=10-10)
Optical connector FC / SC
Wavelength 1310/1550 nm
Power Input: AC/DC optional
Power consumption: <=5W
Operating temperature: -50-500
Storage temperature: -400---+700
Humidity: 10%--90% non-condensing
No corrosive and solvent Gas, no fluty dust and intense magnetic-field interference
Mechanical Parameter
Standalone (19) :
Dimension: 440mm(width) *43.5mm(height) *185mm(depth)
Weight: 1.5 kg
Rack Type: EIA 19"