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Fiberglass alkaline-resistance Mesh is on the basis of C-glass or E-glass woven fabric, then coated acrylic acid cop-olymer liquid, possesses the properties of good alkaline-resistance, high strength, good cohesion, excellent in coating etc.
* It is widely used in wall reinforce, outside wall heat insulation, roof waterroof.
* It can also reinforce cement, plastic, bitumen, plaster, marble, mosaic etc.
* It is an ideal engineering material in construction.
* As the basic structure in the heat insulation system, it can prevent cracks because of the good chemical-corrosion resistance and high strength of warp and the transfigure in the heat-insulation system if it is hit in a large strength, it is also to be applied. It is really the soft steel in the out side wall heat preservation system.
* When put the fiberglass scrim in the waterproof medium system, it can strength the ability to resist this influence because of its properties of alkaline-resistance and high tensile strength, this will bring people a comfortable space and convenience life.
* Fiberglass Mesh can reinforce and protect stones because of its high strength and balance structure , it can spread the stress equally. And it is easy to be sticked in the back of marble, mosaic and stone. It is an ideal reinforcement for all stone processing factories.
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