Sell Fiberglass Cable Tray System

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Cable Tray provides reliable cable support in corrosive application. Both Polyester & Vinyl ester resin systems are available & all components incorporating U. V. Stabilizer & a surfacing veil to resist corrosive atmosphere.

From power plants to fertilizer industries, paper mills to refineries to laboratories, sound electrical design requires an adaptable cable support system that is reliable. Above all durability & resistance to corrosion lead to lower costs during the life of installation
Featuring Applications
Corrosion resistance Chemical Plants
Strength & durability Power Plants
Fire Redundant Effluent Treatment Plants
Light Weight Offshore Platforms
U. V. Stabilities Paper Plants
Long life Refineries
Ladder Type Cable Tray, Perforated Type Cable Tray, Splice Plates.
The Pre assembled fittings are available in all types of tray. The fittings are assembled with the help of Stainless Steel 316 fasteners unless & other wise specified. Rungs are connected with a mechanical lock.
Design specification

Meets the requirements of EIL (Engineers India Ltd. ) EIL - OED - S - 422 Rev-4 & NEMA (National Electric Manufacturers Association) FGI -1993 with revision for Fiberglass Cable Tray System.

The working load capacity represents the ability of a fiberglass cable tray to support the static weight of cables.
It is equivalent to destructive load capacity, with minimum safety factor of 1.5.