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Description:Glassfiber chopped strand mat- Glassfiber Paper-is made from E/C- fiberglass strands chopped to length and bonded with powder binder or emulsion binder. it is used primarily for hand lay up process, filament winding process and press molding of FRP products. Typical products include bathroom accessories, pipe, building material, automobile, furniture and other FRP products.

Glassfiber chopped strand mat

GF150 150g/m2 Powder or Emulsion 1040/1270
GF225 225g/m2 Powder or Emulsion 1040/1270
GF300 300g/m2 Powder or Emulsion 1040/1270
GF450 450g/m2 Powder or Emulsion 1040/1270
GF600 600g/m2 Powder or Emulsion 1040/1270
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