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Woven-fiberglass filter material:
Continuous Fiberglass filter cloth is able to bear high temperature, and has already widely used in cement factory, steel plant, metallurgy factory, smelt plant, chemical industry, carbon black, etc. It is a kind of perfect material for high temperature. It is widely used in protecting from polluting and recovering valuable powder.
Weave Structure:1/3 Twill Weave,1/4 Twill Weave, Satin Weave, Double Satin, Double Twill, Double Filling Face, Broken Twill Weave, Double Face Crowfoot and so on.
1. Heating proof, it can work for a long time under 280 C.
2. Good separating for powder, saving energy cosumption.
3. Steady size, non-shrinking under proper temperature.
4. Anti corrodes. It is steady with many medium excepting: phthoric acid, acid, alkali.
5. Non sopping, non-damping.
6. Intensity high, obstruction little, cleaning dust effectual, cleaning dust efficiency more than 99%.
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