Sell Fiberglass Light Poles

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Sumip fiberglass light poles are constructed of Polyester/Epoxy resin systems & fiberglass woven rowing with more than 65% of the reinforcing fiberglass in the axial vertical plane which increases desired rigidity & axial strength.

Street Lighting
Highway Lighting
Docks / Water Fronts
Offshore Platform
Corrosive Area/ Chemical Plants

Sumip light poles and round tapered poles are available with two base options, direct Burial type & Anchor base type.
Sumip Manufactures various type of Arm, tenons, pole Cap etc. For Light Fixture/ Luminors.

Tenons are aluminum or hot dipped Galvanized steel for fitting attachment of Luminaries and tenon type brackets.

Pole Cap
Cast aluminum / FRP pole caps are standard for side mount installation where tenons are not required.

Side Mount Bracket
High grade aluminum tilted.
Horizontal length : 41/2", 8", 12" , 15", 16", 24", 30".

Tenon Mount Brackets
High Grade aluminum Straight singles.
Straight double 18" to 24".

Tenon Mount Brackets
High grade aluminum arm in radius.
Horizontal length : 12", 18", 24", 39", 45".

Bullhorn Bracket
Manufactured form high grade aluminum
Two, Three or four in line mount is possible.

All above accessories are coated by polyurethane paint as per the pole coating even it is possible to supply arm & tenons lined with fiberglass & system to get additional
corrosion Protection.

Anchor Base Type Cover
High grade cast aluminum FRP cover for a finish look at the pole to cover base & anchor bolt.