Sell Fiberglass Mesh For Filtering Aluminum

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This product is woven with specific high-twisted yarn and then treated, the heat-resistance temperature can be up to 7000 and even above 800 0 with special treatment. It is an ideal material to filter aluminum in smelting and casting process.
Series nettings can be provided with advanced technology and stable quality. They are widely used for filtration of molten aluminium in foundry of automobile wheel, motorcycle wheel, cylinder piston and aluminium alloy parts. The filter netting and filter fabric are effective for separating bubbles, nipping ashes, suspending oxides and other impurities from the molten aluminium so as to avoid other metal intermingled and ensure the quality of aluminium casting.
Compared with other metal filter, this product possesses the same characteristics of high temperature resistance and stable meshes. In addition, they help to utilize the waste material (netting pieces float on the surface of molten aluminium) . Glass fiber filter mesh and filter fabric are excellent materials for foundry filtration.