Sell Fiberglass Spray Up Roving

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Fiberglass Spray up Roving.
Fiberglass Gun Roving.
Spray-up Roving is an E-glass roving designed for spray-up process.
It is treated with a silane-based size and compatible with unsaturated polyester and vinyl ester resins. Unique sizing technology imparts excellent spray-up properties to the product. Correct application will result in a reduced operating time. Tests have proved that the GRP end products have excellent water resistance. It is typically used to produce GRP boat hulls, sanitary apparatus, pipes, automotive parts cooling towers.

General data:
Glass type: E-glass
Tex Count: 1200tex.2400tex.4800tex.
Roll weight: 17+-0.5kgs
Moisture Content: <=0.15
Loss in ignition: 0.80%
Stiffness: 115+-20mm.

Remark: The above parameters are only normal practice, the products with users specification can be made.

Package: Roving is manufactured in form of a roll shrink wrapped with PE film.48rolls or 64rolls per big carton palletized. Or each roll put into a carton then palletized.

Deposited: This Product should be stored in dry, cool, clean and rain-proof area. Recommended temperature range of storage is between 100-300 and relative humidity between 40%-70%