Sell Fiberglass Window Screen

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Major characteristics:
1. Green and environmental:Right atmosphere free of harmful chlorine fluoride, in line with the international ISO14001 environmental certification requirements, so the use of it will not produce any harmful pollution.
2. Long using life:With excellent weather resistance, anti-aging, anti-cold-hot-dry-wet, antistatic, translucent, not channeling silk, deformation, anti-ultraviolet, rally strength, long service life, etc.
Production process:High-Quality Glass Fiber Textile Silk as the main material, PVC resin using monofilament casting technology, the textile, stereotypes, detection and processing technology form.
Uses:Pest control, pastures, orchards, gardens, transport, industry, health, civil construction
Available Colors
black, white, green, yellow,
Condition of Goods
18W16mes18W14mesh 16W16mesh
Minimum Order Quantity