Sell Fiberglass Woven Roving

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Fiberglass Woven roving is a fabric made by interweaving roving and mainly used for hand lay-up of large, high strength FRP products such as boats, rolling stock, tanks and architectural structures.
The thick woven roving is fabricated with rovings so that economically it has more effectiveness as a reinforce material than other fabrics and is commonly used With hand lay--Up method for producing F. R. P.
We produce c-glass or e-glass from 200g/m2 to 800g/m2.

Roving Density(END/10Cm)
Mass Width(mm)

WARP(tex) WEFT(tex) G/m2 Oz/d2
CWR400 PLAIN 0.40 440 440 46*46 405 12 900-1000
CWR600 PLAIN 0.60 1320 880 28*28 616 18 900-1000
CWR800 PLAIN 0.80 2200 1760 20*20 792 23 900-1000