Sell Fiberglass flat filter cloth

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Fiberglass flat filter cloth (bags) is a woven glass fabric with special finish, it is early research and development of glass fiber filter materials, high temperature filter media is also currently the leading market products. There are varieties of Crowfoot, denim-breaking, satin, and so on, the fabric surface by special treatment, made of high temperature, corrosion resistance of the filter material, is widely used in industry to catch dust, the recovery of valuable industrial products, industrial smoke and dust pollution treatment.
Continuous glass fiber filter cloth (bag) is suitable for filter cloth (bag) in the middle of the frame with no filter cleaning (anti-smoking) or air bags reduced the various cleaning bag filter. According to the thickness of the fabric, filtering speed control in general 0.5m/min below. The speed is too high to easily filter cloth (bag) a bad blow, or filter through. In cement, ferrosilicon industry to promote more with the same thickness of the yarn expanded filter cloth (bag) compared to cheaper prices.
Technical data of Fiberglass needled felt
Specification Type ENWn1050 ENWn950
Weight(g/m2) >=1050 >=950
Fibre Diameter (um) chopped fibre 5.5 5.5
Scrim 5.5 5.5
Bursting Strength(N/cm2) >=390 >=360
Tensile Breaking Strength
(N/25mm) Warp >=1400 >=1200
Weft >=1400 >=1200
Permeability (cm3/cm2. s) 15~40 15~40
Form Suitable for Dust Abatement pulsed, cantilever reverse flow high strength cleaning dust collector
Service Temperature (0) <=280
Recommended Air Flow (m/min) 0.5-1.1