Sell Fiberglass roving

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1. E-Glass Direct Roving
( 1) Weaving Roving-1150Tex;
( 2) Pultrusion Roving-1200Tex, 2400Tex, 4400Tex, 4800Tex;
( 3) Filament Wind Roving-1200Tex, 2400Tex, 4400Tex, 4800Tex;
2. E-Glass Spray Up Roving-2400Tex, 3100Tex;
3. E-Glass Multi-end Roving
( 1) Pultrusion Roving-1200Tex, 2400Tex, 4800tex;
( 2) Filament Wind Roving-1200Tex, 2400Tex, 4800Tex;
4. E-Glass SMC Roving-2400Tex, 4800Tex;
Coupling Agent: Silane
Packing: 16~20kg of each roll, 48 or 64 rolls in a carton, 1 carton on a pallet, 20 pallets in a 20 feet FCL.
If you are interested in fiberglass roving, pls feel free to contact us for details.