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As a high-tech indoor decorating material fashionable in Europe and America over the past years, the quartz wall-covering has been widely used in hospitals, hotels, airports, office buildings, shopping centers, theaters and resident homes.


Major Composition: Environment-friendly product, made of natural material, no content of PVC, no content of toxic substances of formaldehyde, benzene or toluene
Application Method: Easy-to-reach technical requirement, high working efficiency, convenient adhesive application, strong adhesion of wall-covering with basic layer and coating, easy pattern matching
Flame Retardancy: Excellent, reaching Grade A (GB8624 standard) , an incombustible product
Stability: No discoloring, no mildewing, nontoxic, odorless, no releasing of harmful substances, mothproof, excellently stable
Air Permeability: Good, free breathing through wall surface
Impact Resistance: High strength against impact, protecting wall from cracking
Acoustical Property: Good, better than normal wallpaper and emulsion paint
Lifetime: Lifetime longer than 15 years, the organic combination of adhesive, quartz fabric and coating to form an integrated part with the wall
Economic Efficiency: Convenient application with little loss, capable of being coated for several times, complete in function and excellent in performance, long lifetime and low overall cost
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