Sell Fiberglass yarn

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Description:It is produced by texturizing process with high pressure air. The products have high strength , able to bear high temperature , corrosion resistant , such advantages as insulating ability is good and fire resistant, used for keeping, the insulating material warm, insulating against heat, can make other products . It with metallic can extensively apply to friction materials. It is the excellent substitute for asbestos. Texturized glass fiber yarn with metallic (copper wire, nickel wire or stainless wire) CAZ-GF200I are also available.

CAZ-GF200 E/C-Glassfiber Texturized yarn
CAZ-GF201 Glassfiber Roving
CAZ-GF201T Glassfiber Twisted Roving
CAZ-GF201IT Twisted Glassfiber yarn with wire

Spec: 200tex~4800tex, 20kgs/CTN
Filament size: 6, 8, 9,11 to 13,175m