Sell Fibre Packing

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Fibre Packing includes:
AP 2501 Ramie packing with PTFE & oil
AP 2502 Ramie packing with silicone rubber core
AP 2503 Cotton packing with grease (white )
AP 2504 Cotton packing with grease (yellow)
AP 2505 Cotton packing with graphite & oil
AP 2506 Arcylic fibre packing
AP 2507 Arcylic fiber packing with PTFE
AP 2508 Arcylic fiber packing with graphite
AP 2509 E-glass fiber packing
AP 2510 E-glass fiber packing with PTFE
AP 2511 E-glass fiber packing with graphite
AP 2512 Braided Ceramic Fibre Packing
AP 2513 Synthetic Fibre Packing
AP 2514 Cotton vaseline packing white color
AP 2515 Novolid Fiber with PTFE Packing
AP 2516 Silicon Core Packing
AP 2517 Ramie Fiber Packing with Lubricant

Fibre packing have various good performances and is capable used in pump, refining equipment, filter, valve, screw propeller. It has excellent corrosion resistance and abrade-wear, good thermal conductivity and self-lubricating performance. It is used in weak acids, weak bases, salts, alcohol, and solutions etc. Used for the sealing of equipment in the industries of electric power, metallurgy, petrochemical, papermaking, and urban water supply system, etc.

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