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We have gained the certificate of ISO9001 and Lloyd Approval for our products. Our Glass multi-axials fabrics are widely used in extrusion processes, hand lay-up and resin transfer molding(RTM) process.

Unidirectional 00
Unidirectional 900
Biaxial (00,900)
Biaxial (+450, -450)
Triaxial (00, +450, -450)
Triaxial(900, +450, -450)
Quadriaxial (00,900, +450, -450)
Combo mat

FRP Pipelines etc. ;
high performance composite cars;
GRP power boats;
Blades for wind energy;
Yacht etc. .

1. Increased strength, reduced product weight and better surface finish(less print through)
2. Orientated unidirectional layers are structurally more efficient than crimped woven fibres
3. Improved fatigue and impact resistance
4. Quicker to wet-out than woven fabrics
5. Available in very heavy weights allowing faster deposition rates
6. Benderless CSM can be added to further cut down on lay-up time and increase speed of wet-out

Specifications and widths of products are designed for customers purpose!
We can satisfy you with the excellent quality and competitive price. !