Sell Ficus,  Pachira macrocarpa  &  Other Bonsai

Ficus,  Pachira macrocarpa  &  Other Bonsai You May Also Be Interested In: bonsai tree echinocactus grusonii ficus golden ball pachira macrocarpa
We have decades experience supplying a wide range of bonsai tree and bonsais and enjoy favorable business relationships with our customers from Asia, Europe, America and Worldwide.

Our bonsai tree include:
1. Carmona microphylla ,10-100cm height.
2. Ficus microcarpa/Godlen Ficus/Thai Ficus , 10-200cm height.
3. Pachira macrocarpa, braided and single trunk.
4. bambusa vulgaris ( Buddha belly bamboo)
5. Podocarpus macrophyllus
6. Serissa serissoides (green and variegated Golden)
7. Ulmus
8. Bougainvillea spectabilis
9. Lagerstroemia indica
10. Murraya panicuata
11. Stravaesia davidiana
12. Pinus
13. Conifer
14. Loropetalum chinense
15. Cycas revoluta bulb bonasai
16. Zamia furfuracea
17. Lucky Bamboo
18. Clivia miniata
19. Echinocactus grusonii (Golden ball cactus)
20. Fragrant Chinese Orchid
21. Pachira macrocarpa
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