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1. Superior Quality

SuperLuck film processors, with wide film-intaking boxes, are compatible to any type of film setter, and hold elaborate design in chemical cycles, filtering and replenishment to assure high-quality developing effect and stability. With thirty seconds of developing time, the developing time Dmax can reach 5.0, the gray scale 0.03, nonuniformity less than 0.1. Simple and stable full-function micro-computer reinforces SL film processors superior quality.

2. Easy Operation

With sufficient consideration of user-friendly operation, SL film processors are elaborately design in the drawing of back cover, film-feed height, storage of back delivery, exchange of filtering core, taking-out and setting-in of roller rack. Full automatic control automatically starts working system once it is switched on. When the chemicals temperature reaches the set point and the film is inserted, the computer will automatically start the driven roller system, fixation and development system, water valve system and drying system without any letup. When there is no film, it will automatically switch to energy saving state.

3. Smart Design

Micro computer display, figures being clear at a glance. Accurate and convenient menu figure setting and modification. Fashionable detaching structure for easy wash and maintenance. Wide film carrier for easy film-feed. Ultra-large film storage for automatic film unloading without human attention.

4. Low noise pollution.

Anti-oxidation in the chemical tank assures minor oxidation and crystallization even when lower than standard utilization ratio, so as to reduce the volatilization of chemicals and air pollution. Chemical saving and processing quality assured. SL film processors assures no laceration and film jam. Films can be developed favorably, including the 60 meter roll film and the minimized testing film. Creative design of the drying system. Direct-blowing design of the blower assures high efficiency of drying, even when continuous processing roll film. Automatic developing fixation replenishment. Suitable for various brands of chemicals. Automatic washing and drying shut-down after film-processing completed. The whole machine switches to standby state and maintains slow operation, thus more energy saving.

5. Exquisite Material

SL film processors adopt refined stainless steel frame as bodies to ensure no corrosion during working life even when depainting, with refined stainless steel tank that is firm, durable and high-quality roller that is wear-, corrosion-, ageing- and heat-resistant.

Worm wheel guides, processed by high-quality plastic die, wear well. Sides plates that fix rollers are made of high-quality stainless steel other than soft plastic, to be stronger and sturdier. Direct gear drive and synchronizing quick process of developing, fixing, washing and drying further assures high efficiency and stability of the driving system.

6. Convenient Maintenance

SL film processors are elaborately designed in maintenance and repair. Detaching structure makes it easy to wash and flexible roller rack makes it easy to carry. Easy dismantlement and maintenance without any tools.
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