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We can supply all kind of filter cartridges, such as : Standard filter cartridges, Activated carbon filter cartridges, Melt Blown filter cartridges, String wound filter cartridge, Pleated filter cartridge, C. T. O cartridge, T33 cartridge, etc.

7 Filter media: polyethylene, cotton, glass fiber
7 Outside diameter: 55mm,61mm,63mm,65mm,115mm
7 Inner diameter:28mm,30mm
7 Length:5, 10, 20 ,30, 40
7 Micron Rating: 1micron,5micron,10miron,20micron,30micron,50micron,75micron,100micron
7 Polypropylene material for non-organic solvent, maximum recommended operating temperature<=60oC
7 Bleached cotton material filter cartridge with stainless core apply to organic solvent, water, oil, alkalinity solvent, beverage, pharmaceuticals, maximum recommended operating temperature: 120 oC