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Filter Press


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1. Plate & frame filter press
2. Recessed plate filter press
3. Automatic recessed plate filter press
4. Automatic recessed membrance filter press

1. Hand controlled
2. Jack controlled
3. Hydraulically controlled
4. Mechanically pressure holded
5. Automatically pressure holded
6. Automatically pull plate

1. Filtue plate, Fliter frame use reinforced polypropylene material, once formed by grinding and pressing. Its facturesare huge strength, light weight, strong resistance to corrosion:acid, alkali and salt, and non-toxicity, tasteless substance.

2. The automatically pull plate device is controlled by hydraulic system, and move quickly, work steay.

3. In order to support weight of filter plate and producing strong stress during filtration, complete machine frame use huge strength steel constructing.

4. Using hydraulic device press and loose filter plate . Max. pressure is 31.5 Mpa, and the automatically pressure holded filter press use pressure gauge of electricity touching point to realize.

5. In order to firm forming filter cake the best condition to proceed preing and filtration , recessed plate filter press max, work pressure 1.0 Mpa; plate and flame filter press max, work pressure is 0.6 Mpa.

6. Easy to operate , safe and save labour . Operator may operate the button on the controlling board to realize necessary action. In order to protect operator's safe, our electric appliances system install safe device.