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1. LC micropackage integration technology, serialize production, good consistency.
2. Small volume, high reliability, high performance in suggested temperature range.
3. Input and output impedance matching 50ohm, low VSWR, easy to work in series.
4. Flat amplitude-frequency characteristic, low insertion loss, high out-of-band suppression, narrow transition band.
5. A variety of international standard sealed package option.
6. Flexible design, can manufacture customized. Fast delivery time.
7. Suitable for military working environment -55 to +85 degree C.

Low pass filter:
Frequency range: DC--18GHz
Insertion Loss: <= 2dB
Harmonic out band: >= 50dB
VSWR: <= 2

High pass filter:
Frequency range: 500Mhz--18Ghz
Insertion Loss: <= 2dB
Harmonic out band: >= 60dB
VSWR: <= 2

Band pass filter:
Frequency range: 100Mhz--18Ghz
Insertion Loss: <= 1.8dB
Harmonic out band: >= 50dB
VSWR: <= 2

Stop band filter:
Frequency range: 1.5Ghz--15GHz
Stop band range: 2%--25%

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