Sell Filtering system for oily waters and harmful chemicals

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MS Eagle Oy Ltd has developed a system, whereby light and heavy fuel oil, aircraft petrol, runway chemicals, JP-liquid and kerosene can be filtered from the liquids to custom-built impregnation material. The device called MASU filters oil and many other chemicals from water so efficiently, that cleaned water can be led to the earth or to the watercourse. Patent pending.

To MASU product family belong at the moment two models: MASU 50 (volume 0,082 m3) and MASU 460 (volume 0,46 m3) . Filtering container has been manufactured from stainless or accid proof steel and it is easy to move and transport. Filter cartridges are easy to remove from the tank. Oily absorption filters can be burnt. MS Eagle Oy delivers new filters for end users.

With the help of the MASU system can be cleaned raw water for household water or for the germproof water using either one or three filter cartridges.

The MASU device has been tested in March 2004 by SGS Inspection Services laboratory in Hamina, Finland. From the MASU system has been completed in the spring 2005 an engineer work in Kymenlaakso Institute of Technology (Energy technik branch) in Kotka, Finland.

MASU suits excellently for example to the harbours, airports, oil destruction vessels, bilge water filtering, garages, vehicles for transporting oil and chemicals, railway yards, industry and to all places where are processed oil and chemicals which can contaminate earth, ground water and watercourses.

Suck polluted water to MASU!

The hole business area, manufacturing rights and patents for MASU are for sale.
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