Sell Filtration Plate

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Chamber Plate's Features: 1. Resistance to high temperature, high pressure and corrosion. Good sealing performance.
2. High pressure filtering, lower water content in materials.
3. High filtering speed, even cake washing.
4. Clear filtrate, high recovery for solids.
5. Simple structure, small failure rate, easy maintenance.

Plate & frame plate's Features: 1. It is easy to assemble and unassemble filter cloth. . The filter cloth is easy to clean. It can be used for long time.
2. The thickness of filter cake is easy to regulate.
3. Feed outside the plate. Filter area is enlarged.
4. Used in the occasions which need low requirements of dryness of filter cake and automaticity.

Rubber membrane plate's Features: It can fulfill the requirement of high efficient dehydrate filter process. Its max specification is 2000*2500mm, the filter pressure is 1.2Mpa, it can be used in various conditions of solid-liquid separation