Sell Financial Bank Instruments for Enhancement Purposes

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Financial Instruments for Enhancement Purposes

Our world wide alliance allows us arrange Standby Letters of Credit and Documentary Letter of Credit for enhancement purposes. These SBLCs/DLCs are issued by major world banks to enhance lines of credit for clients at their banks. An enhancement SBLC/DLC is very powerful instrument, which can be a negotiable instrument on a collection basis only.

Our enhancement instruments are available on a fee basis'. The fee is 100% refundable (with no penalties) if the initial bank LC format or draft is not approved by the beneficiary. These instruments should not be called on at maturity. Our charges are very competitive, and we are always at your service.

We can arrange to open these Financial Instruments for many types of Import/Export commodity products:

7 Pre-Advised Drafts
7 Documentary Letters of Credit
7 Stand-By Letters of Credit
7 Bank Guarantees

We provide off-balance sheet lines of credit to importers and exporters.
Our average client is a company that is experiencing a high demand for its products, but is unable to produce due to the lack of financial resources.

We are not a bank, however all Letters of Credit are arranged to be issued by major prime world banks.

We can arrange for Letters of Credit that can be issued within 2-5 business days of receiving the necessary documentation.

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