Sell Financial instruments and programs MTN SBLC BG CD PPP GOLD LC SKR escrow loans

Financial instruments and programs MTN SBLC BG CD PPP GOLD LC SKR escrow loans You May Also Be Interested In: financial instruments loans mtn project funding sblc
We can provide all financial instruments:


leased collaterals

non recourse loans ( no pay back )

several options for PPP, trading

project funding

funding on your instrument


Spot or contract

Also new an unique program !
We would like to introduce our new Capital Investment Program.

The highlights of this program:
- Entry level USD 100K and up (unlimited)
- Full security offered by working with 2 separate Escrow Lawyers/Companies
- Principal amount goes in to Escrow and is secured there by Escrow Company
- One time payout, principal amount + profit
- Or 12 months program with monthly pay out
- Leveraging possible to create an even higher profit
- Safety first principle

This is not a MTN trade or any other form of trade. This is why we can offer a 12 months program. We use bank instruments in combination with a non-recourse loan. So no catch of getting stuck with the instrument or a debt at the end of the road. Just a plain, simple well though-through concept in which client is also in control
When you would like to know more about this great opportunity or you want to move forward, please contact us by e-mail. This is also for brokers a good opportunity to offer your clients something they can not get anywhere else. Honest structure of getting paid, all payments to investors go through Escrow attorney!

We are looking forward to hear from you.