Sell Finely Porous Composite Filter Material

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1. high filter efficiency: For finely porous film has unique features of cross fine pores, it can make dust, which can pass through ordinary filter material hard to pass, thus filtering super fine dust with good results. Its filter efficiency is 1-2times higher than ordinary filter material, equal to near zero emission

2. Low dynamic resistance: Finely porous composite filter material has realized surface filter. The film surface is very smooth, and it has excellent dust stripping property. Even super fine humid dust cannot be attached, which ensures the filter process to operate under the non-resistance.

3. high filter speed: For finely porous composite filter materials low and stable resistance, its filter speed is obviously improved. Compact dust removal devices; low steel consumption.

4. wide scope of application: After combination with various base cloth, finely porous film is resistant of acid and base, high temperature and high humidity, suitable for purification of all kinds of industrial dust and materials recycling.

5. low operation cost: Because of the low frequency of dust removal and small operation resistance, energy consumption reduces largely. Repair works are also reduced.

6. long service life: Because the pressure difference between inside and outside the filter bag becomes lower, frequency of dust removal is reduced. Non- contact between dust and base cloth, reduced friction, stable structure of filter structure have largely improved filter bags service life.