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CV74X0(C) -X is a high performance fingerprint handheld reader. It supports contactless smart card technology ISO15693, ISO14443A Mifare, ISO14443A/B, and contact smart card technology ISO7816 separately. With high resolution sensor and stable fingerprint algorithm, CV74X0(C) -X achieves high security and perfect application to meet customer requirement.

Fingerprint Handheld reader can be used in following fields:
Mobil Time Attendance
Driver License
Personal Identification
Public Transportation
Data Collection

CV74X0(C) -X installs BIOS to manage all the low-level works, users could only concentrate on the high-level development.
In order to accelerate user's software developing, SDK with robust API library and IDE tools(C & ASM language) is available, which can ease users to visit reader database and upload data.

CV74X0(C) -X is powered by Li-battery or USB port (connecting with PC) . It equips a 32-bit low-power microprocessor with 2M-byte (expandable up to 8M) flash memory and 512K byte SRAM. Users can store program into SRAM, and collect data into flash memory.

Via GPRS/GSM module, CV74X0(C) -X can send email/SMS to other devices like Computer, Mobil Phone.

The fingerprint reader can be used in harsh environment thanks to its special casing design. The power down function enables it to be an ideal platform for mobile application.

Fingerprint Handheld Reader Family members are:

CV7400-X - Fingerprint
CV7410-X - Fingerprint + ISO15693, ISO14443A/B
CV7420-X - Fingerprint + ISO14443A/B
CV7460-X - Fingerprint + ISO14443A Mifare.
CV7400C-X - Fingerprint + ISO7816
CV7410C-X - Fingerprint + ISO15693, ISO14443A/B + ISO7816
CV7420C-X - Fingerprint + ISO14443A/B + ISO7816
CV7460C-X - Fingerprint + ISO14443A Mifare. + ISO7816

High security: Fingerprint, fingerprint plus smart card technology
32-bit low-power microprocessor with 2M-byte (up to 8M) flash memory and 512K byte SRAM for programming and data storage
Suitable for harsh environment
Flexible interface: RS232 or USB (GSM/GPRS as optional)
External printer could be connected by COM interface
Lower power consume: Power down function
Powered by high capacity rechargeable Li-battery or USB port
SDK includes robust API functions and IDE tools, easy for customer's further development
High security by using two SAM slots
Data transmitting via wireless

Module: CV7400, CV7410, CV7420, CV7460, CV7400C, CV7410C, CV7420C, CV7460C
Processor: ARM7 32BIT MCU
Display: Graphic model LCD with backlight
Keyboard: 18 keys
Fingerprint Sensors: UPEK, 508 dpi, < 300ms, < 512 bytes(template size)
ESD tolerance: IEC61000 1 12kV air discharge
Interface: RS232, USB
Memory: 512K SRAM, 2M byte flash memory(expandable up to 8M)
Time Function: With real clock
Power Supply: Li-battery powered(>= 1100mAH, stand-by time: 5-7days) , USB-powered
Temperature: -10: C  +60: C
Accessory: Roping, Data Cable
Housing: ABS, industrial class
Wireless Transmission: With GPRS/GSM module, CV74X0(C) -X can send email and SMS

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