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Unlocking: Fingerprint, PIN/code or Mechanical Key.
Tubular latch. Easy to install and simple to operate.
Fingerprint can be erased on the lock directly.
Total 168 fingerprint users.
Integrated cast steel. Stainless steel finish.
All critical parts within inside housing.
With normal open status for meeting.
Concealed mechanical override for emergency.
No external wiring required.
Easy battery replacement.
Operates on 4 AA standard alkaline batteries.
Outside lever free to rotate in locked mode
Functions of keypad
(1) Wake up the lock with PIN/code.
(2) Unlock with PIN/code.
(3) Enable to enroll fingerprint.
(4) Modify PIN/code.
(5) Delete enrolled fingerprints
Performance Index
Image capture time <1 seconds
Response time <1 seconds
FAR(False acceptance rate) <1%
FRR(False rejection rate) <0.0001%
Operating voltage DC6V
Operating temperature indoors -8~+85 degree
Operating temperature outdoors -8~+85 degree
Operating humidity 20%~90%
Fingerprint capacity 168
Numbers of fingerprint register once
Applications(stand-alone ) Banking, warehouse, office, home, etc
Applications(network) Hotel, building, embassy, etc.
Door requirement(1) Wooden door
Door requirement(2) If the lock is for a burglar door, the installation should be drilled or guided by the door supplier.
Processing Technology
The advanced cast-steel integrative structure is used for the lock surface. There is no rivet and plastic components in the inside of the lock so that it can be used in public environment.
The electrophoretic paint is used for the inner scaleboard. The lock shell is made with solid brass and the knob is solid brass, too. It never fades. And the life is longer than other material. The PCB assembly is sealed by the epoxy. It can prevent from oscillating, moisture, corrosion and loosing
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