Sell Fingerprint Access Control and Time&Attendance

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*Time & Attendance Application
*Access Control Application
*Large Capacity: 1500 Fingerprints
*Fingerprint Arithmetic: More than 20 years development, lead in the world
*FAR(False Accept Rate) :
Never happened that a fingerprint to be verified as the same as another fingerprint in the actual application, though that will be happen in ideally.
*FRR (False Reject Rate) :
In the application for time and attendance that there are a little fingerprints can not be registered and identification for their too poor fingerprints
*Stability :
SFTA-1000 series standalone fingerprint product have be more than 5 years applied in the field of time attendance and access control. It will be reliable and stable working by 24Hours X 365 Days , based on its industrialized circle designed
*Working Condition: Standalone Working; Online Working
*Rapid-response :
One touch identification, no need PINS or Card assistance , just put finger on the sensor, there will be ID number displayed in the LCD and voice information all within 1 second response.
1500 fingerprints templates storage, 30,000 check records and 1,000management records storage, all of these are finished in the SFTA-100 series fingerprint standalone machine only, fingerprint templates and check records can be transmit to PC when needed.
*Lower cost :
SFTA-1000 series standalone products have been the largest amount of production for 3
years in the world, it has the lowest cost and the best quality than other same kind products.

Technical Parameter:
*Fingerprint Capacity: 1500 fingerprints (up to 3000/6000)
*Response Time: Less than 1 second
*Matching Mode: 1:N (1:1500 Identification)
*FAR: Less than 0.0001%
*FRR: Less than 0.001%
*Sensor Recognition: Optical Method
*Record Capacity: Management: 1000
Identification: 30000
*Recognition Mode: Fingerprint, Password
*Hint Voice: Chinese; English (other order needed)
*LED Language: Chinese (Simple, Traditional) ; English
*Power Supply: 220V AC, (6.848 V DC)
*Power Consumption: < 5W
*Size: 18.5x12.8x5.0cm
*Standard: Communication: RS232, RS485
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