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Function of our product
1. Fingerprint Anti-theft 2. Various Prewarning and alram 3. Mobilephone Remote Control 4. Bidirectional Communication 5. Orientation 6. Intelligent Monitor

Main Features of our product
 fingerprint distinguish safe and reliable / Fingerprint is unique and cannot be changed. It will not be lost and cannot be copied.
 easy installation convenient usage / The system installation is very easy and will not affect any car original structure. The car can be used once after the fingerprint or password being verified.
 superlarge capacity easy management / at most 100pcs fingerprints can be record at any time. And the recording and distinguishing speed is very fast. Its anti-distinguishing percentage is very low, lifespan is very long.
 close-circuit anti-theft extremely solide / Multi-directional prewarning, alarming and
fingerprint lock have made up impregnable close-circuit anti-theft chain.
 multi-level prewarning precise without fault / The system has precise prewarning when the car be touched, the door be opened, etc.
 monitor at any time no worry for your car / The warning message can be sent out promptly, and the car situation can be known by short message at any time.
 mobilephone short message warning secretly / No one can receive the short message alarm except the car-owner.
 mobilephone remote control safe and convenient / The user can demobilize the car (unlock) /immobilize the car (lock) by mobilephone if the remote controller password be stolen and can check the car situation at any time.

Advantage of our Product
Compared with other automobile anti-theft products, our product has advantages as bellow:
1. Multi-level alarm, close-circuit anti-theft, monitor at any time.
2. The orientation function faciliate the car-owner to seek the car more convenientely.
3. Short message alarm and state inquiry make the car-owner be assure for the car at any time .
4. Mobilephone remote control to immobilize or demobilize the car makes the system being safer and more practical.
5. The fingerprint uniqueness and impenetrability determine the system noncombat safty and reliability.
6. No false warning eliminates the annoyance of receiving false warning.
7. Safe and fashionable usage show the elegant life.
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